Kristian Skipper-Pedersen

Kristian Skipper-Pedersen

is a commercially experienced lawyer, who renders advice to companies in various industries. Since 2008, Kristian has worked extensively within the energy industry, engaging in both commercial and legal tasks.

Kristian mainly gives advice concerning review, drafting and negotiation of complex contracts related to solar power plants and wind turbine generators as well as mergers and acquisitions. In relation to solar power plants, Kristian renders advice on, among others, EPC agreements (solar park construction) and service agreements. Within the wind energy industry, Kristian’s advice encompasses, among others, supply agreements and service agreements. Additionally, Kristian advices regarding financing agreements as well as power purchase agreements (PPA).

Kristian is experienced with the FIDIC suite of contracts and he has, among others, given advice in relation to contracts relevant for on- and offshore wind turbine generators and services, offshore substations and foundations. Additionally, Kristian has vast experience with mergers and acquisitions related to energy producing assets (solar power and wind power). Finally, Kristian has experience in the area of the oil and gas sector, among others in relation to M&A related to licences and companies as well as contractual issues in relation to both cooperation agreements and supply contracts. He also supports with advice regarding regulatory issues relevant for the energy sector.

Kristian obtained the degree cand.jur. (Master of Laws, LL.M.) from Aarhus University in 2005. Previously he has worked at Kromann Reumert Law Firm (2005-2008) and Bech-Bruun Law Firm (2013-2015).

In addition to his extensive experience as an attorney, Kristian Skipper-Pedersen excels by his strong commercial and financial understanding and education. Additionally, Kristian has years of hands-on business experience, taking up a number of positions with Vestas Wind Systems A/S during 2008-2013.

Kristian has a Business Certificate from Columbia University in the City of New York. His majors are Finance, Marketing and Organizational Culture. Also, he has studied Economics at Campbell School of Business in Atlanta.

Furthermore, Kristian has for a number of years been a visiting lecturer in Mergers & Acquisitions at Aarhus University.

T: +45 86 20 50 15
M: +45 22 10 85 15